We have several offices, a fantastic team who’s eager to serve you, and a network of bail agents across North Carolina. We also provide referrals across the country through Lexington National Insurance Corporation and our membership in the National Association of Bail Agents. No matter where you get into trouble – we’ll be there for you. 

Integrity – Passion – Genuine Caring – Commitment

That’s what we do. That’s what’s at the heart of this bail bonds company. 

Beacon Bail Bonding was founded in 2022 by Kay Perkins (formerly known as Kay Sharpe). Miss Kay is an accomplished bondsman & agency owner with a wide range of experience in the field. She owns Beacon Bail Bonding, Beacon Surety & Agency Services, Advanced Community Solutions, and she co-owns North Carolina Apprehension Team with two of her best friends. If it’s bail related – she and her team do it! After co-owning several bail bonds related companies in the past, Miss Kay began to recognize that there was an EVEN BETTER way to help people remain free until conviction. There’s an EVEN BETTER way to support bail agents. There’s an EVEN BETTER way to run a bail bonds agency. This is why she created Beacon Bail Bonding.    If you’re a bail agent looking to join an outstanding agency in North Carolina (or anywhere in the 46 states that have bail), give us a call.


Advanced Community Solutions offers pre-trial services as well as post-trial and civil case services. This includes GPS monitoring, cell tracking, alcohol and drug testing, and more.    North Carolina Apprehension Team offers skiptracing and fugitive recovery throughout the United States. Beacon Surety & Agency Services provides MGA services to other bail agencies across the United States. 


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