Do You Have A Warrant?

Finding out that you have a warrant out for your arrest can be a very unsettling experience. Fight or flight mode kicks in. You want to avoid something that you know is going to be extremely unpleasant.

Unfortunately, you can’t ignore a North Carolina Order For Arrest (OFA). There’s no statute of limitations. The warrant never goes away.


There are two types of warrants that I want to discuss here –

  1. A failure to appear on a North Carolina court case (including traffic tickets)
  2. A warrant for anything else

A failure to appear is a serious charge in North Carolina. You might have gotten a citation for having a burned-out license plate light … but if you miss court, you will be taken to jail in handcuffs, booked, searched thoroughly, dressed out, and you’ll remain in a cell until your court date unless you bond out. Court dates can be months away.

Not to mention, if you were already out on bond (with us or another agency), there are fugitive recovery agents looking for you. Our team is exceptionally good at finding people, even if they flee the state. You don’t want us arresting you at your job or in front of your kids. We don’t want that either! It’s better to do the right thing, right from the start.

If you have a failure to appear, we are able to assist you in clearing that up. Give us a call as soon as you realize you missed court. If you have a lawyer, call them to see if you can get a “recall” (effectively gets rid of the warrant & gives you a new court date). If that doesn’t work, we can meet you at the jail or courthouse, take you before the magistrate, and get you released on a new bond. Easy-peasy. If you commit to doing the right thing, we will work with you and help you all the way.

If it’s a warrant for anything else, the only way to get information is to show up at the jail and inquire. If you do have a warrant, they will lock you up. You don’t have to go alone, though!

Give us a call before you go to the jail and we will work with you to make a plan. Often we can do what we affectionately call a “turn and burn” … we’ll meet you and your cosigner at the jail or courthouse, you’ll turn yourself in, and we’ll help you burn right back out of there and get home to your family. It’s fast and easy.

It’s always way better to turn yourself in than for the police to arrive at home or work and arrest you – usually at the worst possible moment!

Call us – we will help!